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When Morality Becomes a Taxing Question

July 25, 2012

Christians as much as anyone else have been conditioned into thinking of taxes and rates and revenue charges as something approaching extortion

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Daegu English Church Library – Open and Growing

July 15, 2012

As we announced last week, our Daegu English Churches (DEC) Library has opened. Not only has it opened, but materials being provided are coming in at an exciting rate. We are thankful for all contributions. The contributed works allows the DEC Library to be a place where you can perform research; particularly research on matters that [...]

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Daegu English Churches Library – Open

July 9, 2012

Our Daegu English Churches Library has opened. Over time you will find mainly religious literature (reference books, books,  periodicals, magazines, newsletters) theological writings, documents, letters, and sermons provided by you and other – contributors. Literature from the authors of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. All will be made available for the benefit of the body. It is our hope that a [...]

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