Church Refuses to Marry Couple in its Sanctuary

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(DN) Jackson, Miss. – You may have heard about the church incident, where the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs refused to allow a minority couple to marry in its sanctuary. Recently the predominantly Caucasian Mississippi church has apologized for its refusal to allow the couple to marry in its church building. However, it is said that the couple who married at another location, knew nothing of the apology until a reporter called about the same.

According to a source the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs posted the apology on its website (off-line at the time of this report) Sunday, saying it was seeking “forgiveness and reconciliation” with Charles Wilson and Te’Andrea Henderson Wilson, their families and friends and God. “This wrong decision resulted in hurt and sadness for everyone. Both the pastor and those involved in the wedding location being changed have expressed their regrets and sorrow for their actions”.

It was also reported that the pastor (Weatherford) who officiated the ceremony at a different location on behalf of the couple; was under threat of firing; though he later denied there was a threat.

One member said, that he and the church were sorry that the incident happened and that they would like to put it behind them. It seems that some of the members were not aware of the decision until after the couple’s wedding. 

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