Young Brazilian Evangelists Testify Jesus Christ to Thousands at London 2012 Olympic Games

 By Andrea Madambashi , Christian Post Correspondent

August 10, 2012|7:26 am

Hundreds of young Brazilian Christians from Junta de Missões Mundiais (World Missions Board – JMM) have committed themselves to sharing the Gospel with people from all nations converging at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

For the past two weeks 175 volunteers from the Christian group have carried out intense evangelistic work in the English capital city, testifying Jesus Christ to millions of tourists as well as locals in London. Their work has been planned to run alongside the 2012 Olympic Games and has seen the evangelists commence their outreach on the day of the opening ceremony, and will see them conclude their efforts on August 12, when the Olympic Games come to an end.

The army of volunteers has been led by Pastor Marcos Grava from JMM, who is also the vice-president of Athletes of Christ Brazilian organization.

“Where there will be people from all over the world, there we will be to bring the Gospel of the Lord Jesus,” testified Grava on the Athletes of Christ website.

However, the two week intensive evangelistic effort in London has been only part of the effort. The young volunteers from Brazil have been globetrotting, and in fact stopped by Spain prior to attending the Olympics in London. In Spain the group honed everything they had practiced in Brazil, testifying how the love of Jesus Christ had changed their lives, and testifying the Word of God to Spanish natives.

 On the group’s Facebook page  there are numerous accounts revealing stories of people converting to Christ through their efforts in the country prior to the Olympics.



Upon their arrival in London the team strategically divided themselves up across the Olympic host city, choosing to work with local churches to maximize the efficiency of their efforts and to work in harmony with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Their efforts have seen evangelism take place across London; in public squares, in local parks, and alongside some of the most iconic landmarks in the famous city. Through their missions efforts Christ has been testified to thousands of British locals, as well as tourists from across the globe.

Pastor Grava has encouraged the group to “use the opportunity well to tell people about salvation and to glorify God.”

He has also asked that those who support the group’s evangelism works to pray for them: “Pray for the unity of the group, for them to have their eyes focused on Jesus.”

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